train. eat. live.
By: Trent McCloskey
Exclusive FREE MasterClass
"Learn How I Went From Skinny Fat To Muscular Eating The Foods I LOVE & 
Working Out LESS
Gain Hard-Dense Muscle Without Fat, Feel Confident In Your Body And Eliminate Confusion 
With The Train. Eat. Live. Transformation Blueprint
Fat Loss
Trent McCloskey
Formerly depressed, out of shape, low self-esteem 
turned Nutrition and Training Expert
In This Masterclass You'll Discover:
Pro-Metabolic Foods That Boost Metabolism and still allow you to eat like a king, and enjoy life (my approach still works if you travel or eat out a lot)!

How To Gain Rock Hard Muscle Without Fat and develop incredible strength + power while spending LESS time in the gym.

Creating The Lean & Muscular "Hollywood Look" with incredible shoulders, steel-plate chest, six-pack abs, and perfect body proportions.

My New Way To Reprogram Your Mind so you can sustain your results for life, make REAL progress and start feeling confident in your body immediately.

A Complimentary Gift that I normally sell for $50 anyone can use to start dropping fat and building lean muscle (even if you've tried EVERYTHING!).
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WARNING: Space is limited. We are limited to 250 seats on this webinar, and we usually (but not always) max out on attendance. 
If this sounds good, lock in your seat by clicking the button above. 
Featured Success Stories
"I Finally Did It!"
"There were many times when I wanted to throw in the towel but Trent was always there for me. That's the type of person he is. After working with him it was clear on how much I thought I knew about working out and eating healthy. But Trent improved all the areas I was lacking and holding myself back for so many years."
"Training With Trent Keeps Me At The Top of My Game"
“Trent has an unbelievable knack of consistently getting the most out of his clients. Crucially, this is because his knowledge and guidance is first class. But Trent is also a terrific people person, who harnesses individual strengths and passions, doing so with humor and a smile on his face. I’d recommend Trent to anyone looking for a coach with a terrific track record of getting results. He’s also a lot of fun to work with."
"Skinny Fat No More!"
“Before hiring Trent as my coach I struggled with being "skinny fat" for years. I used to find it so hard to gain muscle (when I tried I mainly just added fat) and when I tried to diet down I never got the tone I wanted. Trent's view on training and the workouts he had me doing shines the light on all the BS routines I followed in the past. Each week I was getting stronger and seeing changes in the mirror. All of this without sacrificing work or personal life I'll take that. Trent's your coach, he won't let you down!"
"Working with Trent has been terrific!"
“I couldn't be happier with the program - the results, I believe, really speak for themselves. Especially at age 48! Trent has stayed in close contact with me throughout the program - keeping me motivated - monitoring my results. He always answered any questions that I had. If I happened to be having any issues with anything - he was always attentive and responded quickly. If you are struggling with obtaining the results you want - you have landed in the right spot. If you are willing to put in the work and follow the program that Trent creates for you - rest assured you will see phenomenal results - I certainly have."
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